Connecting Your Yealink Phone to Wifi

Connecting your Yealink Phone to Wifi

If your Yealink phone is compatible with Wifi you can connect it to the internet wirelessly by following the steps below:

***If you have an older model Yealink phone (i.e. Yealink T29G) you may first need to install the Wifi Dongle into the USB port on the back of the phone prior to following the instructions below.

1. Ensure you do NOT have an ethernet cable plugged into the back of your phone and then power the phone on by plugging in the power cable to a wall outlet.
2. Once the phone powers on, Press the Menu Soft Key
3. Select Basic Settings
4. Scroll to and select Wifi
5. Using the left or right arrows, move the Wifi status to ON and press save.
*The device will not turn on it's wifi function and scan for available networks.
6. Scroll to and select Available Networks
7. Locate the wifi network that you want to connect to and then press the Connect softkey
8. If the network is password protected it will prompt you to enter the Wifi password.
9. After entering the password, Press OK.
10. If you entered the wifi network credentials properly the phone will now be connected to wifi.

If your phone still does not work please contact VoiceNEXT Support at 732-653-5000 Option 2