How to Record Your General Voicemail Box Greeting

How to Record Your General Voicemail Box Greeting

You will receive prompts, instructions, and other options if applicable, for each of the steps below:

1.     Dial *124

2.     Press Send

3.     Dial mailbox number

4.     Dial password

5.     Press 0 for mailbox options

6.     Press 1 to record greeting followed by the # key

7.     Press 1 to accept your recording or Press 2 to listen to your recording

If no personal greeting is recorded, the default greeting will be played.

For example:

“The person at extension XXX is unavailable.  Please leave your message after the prompt…”


If you have any questions, please call us at:  (732) 653-5000 and choose option 2 for technical support.

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